Top food and drink trends in Canada, according to Google searches

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New insight from Google Canada reveals what food and drinks are trending across the country, and how reliant we’ve become on our phones when it comes to getting fed.

Our smartphones have virtually become our sous-chefs, the “Farm to Smartphone” report points out.

Canadians who use their mobile for dining inspiration, use it to decide:

where to eat (55 per cent)what to eat (37 per cent), andwho to eat with (12 per cent)

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More than half of Canadians regularly watch videos about food or drink ideas, recipes or “how-tos.”

Technology is also helping health-conscious foodies be more mindful of the nutritional value of what they eat.



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    Here’s a look at the food and drinks that have seen the biggest spike in interest between the start of the year until now:

    Canada’s Top Trending Alcoholic Drinks

    10. Gin
    9. Hot Toddy
    8. Cava
    7. IPA
    6. Tequila Sunrise
    5. Whiskey
    4. Moonshine
    3. Irish Car Bomb
    2. Mezcal
    1. Moscow Mule

    What is a Moscow Mule, you ask? It’s a delicious combination of vodka, ginger beer and lime juice, and is usually served in a copper mug.

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    Canada’s Top Trending Non-Alcoholic Drinks

    10. Kombucha Tea
    9. Bubble Tea
    8. Hibiscus Tea
    7. Kombucha
    6. Arnold Palmer
    5. London Fog
    4. Tumeric Tea
    3. Latte Macchiato
    2. Lemonade
    1. Guava Juice

    Notice that Kombucha, a fermented drink made with tea, makes it on the list twice.

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    Canada’s Top Trending Foods:

    10. Steel cut oats
    9. Kumquat
    8. Dragon fruit
    7. Jackfruit
    6. Pomelo
    5. Maple syrup
    4. Overnight oats
    3. Bone broth
    2. Marshmallow
    1. Sourdough bread

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    The popular Vietnamese dish Pho was also named a global food trend in an American report this past April. Searches for it spiked in January.

    Another popular search: how to make pork shoulder.

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    Our infographic below shows some of the foods Canadians are searching for most on Google.

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