‘This is anybody’s race,’ says pollster as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton sit neck-and-neck

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Donald Trump may be wildly unpopular among certain segments of the American population – including members of his own party – but that doesn’t mean the presumptive Republican presidential nominee has lost the race to the White House.

“Five months away, this is anybody’s race,” Peter Brown of Quinnipiac University Poll, one of the leading national polling organizations in the United States, said in an interview with The West Block’s Tom Clark.



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    The numbers don’t lie, explained Brown. No American president has reached the Oval Office since 1960 without winning two out of three key states: Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania.

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    Right now, Trump and Democratic presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton are “pretty tightly bunched” in terms of support, said Brown.

    “What we found in our last survey was that all three states were within the margin of error,” he explained. “In one, Mr. Trump was slightly ahead but not statistically meaningful. In one Mrs. Clinton was, and (there was) one where they were dead even.”

    While the narrative in the media has been that Trump is narrowing his support base with negative and even racist comments about Muslims and Latinos, the fact that he continues to give Clinton a run for her money suggests “he’s getting votes from somewhere,” Brown said.

    “He seems to be doing a good job of bringing into the electorate white, working-class and middle-class voters who have not in the past voted.”

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    The number of voters who are almost viscerally-opposed to Clinton, meanwhile, rivals those opposed to the bombastic business mogul.

    “Negatives for both candidates are in the mid-50s or higher,” Brown noted. “The country is more and more divided right down the middle … it’s created a lot of ill-will and the kind of campaign that’s been divisive, to say the least.”

    Watch the full interview above.

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