Saskatoon mayor recalls Gordie Howe’s impact on city

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The mayor of Gordie Howe’s hometown of Saskatoon says he had to take a deep breath when he heard the hockey great had died.

Don Atchison says flags are being lowered to half-mast out of respect for Howe, who was born in Saskatchewan and grew up in the city.

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Atchison called Howe an “exceptional talent” who also did a lot for kids sports and charities in Saskatoon.

The city already has several venues and a road named after Howe, but Atchison says he’s not closing the door on naming something else after the hockey player.

Howe’s final visit to Saskatoon was in February 2015 for a celebrity dinner in his honour.

Atchison says fans are suggesting that Garth Brooks wear a Howe hockey jersey when the country singer performs at a concert in Saskatoon tonight.

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