Pierrefonds-Roxboro father facing fine over basketball hoop

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UPDATE: Pierrefonds-Roxboro mayor Jim Beis visited Shaun Kelso at his home to speak about the placement of the basketball hoop.

“Was very pleasantly surprised to have a visit from our borough mayor to explain the situation around the street basketball net,” Kelso wrote on Facebook.

“A fantastic example of people working to make things right. Thank you Jim Beis for everything you do for this side of the island.”

PIERREFONDS-ROXBORO —; Shaun Kelso, a father of three, said he’s angry after receiving a letter from the borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro warning him that he could face a fine if he didn’t move his kids’ basketball hoop.

The notice states that, though the hoop is on his front yard, it’s too close to the street.

Kelso told Global News the hoop has been there for four years without incident.

“This is the suburbs,” he argued.

He set it up so his two older sons, Tristan, 9, and Cameron, 6, could play together.

Kelso said he’s never heard a complaint from neighbours and hopes the borough relaxes its stance.

“I can’t imagine what the reason could be,” neighbour Roger Ingram said.

“Why does the net have to move? Is it going to fall on a car?”


A Pierrefonds-Roxoboro bylaw requires all recreational yard equipment to be at least one meter away from the street – as a aesthetic measure.

Kelso’s hoop misses the mark by about four inches.

“The street sweepers primarily that go by a few times a year could hit the basket that overhangs the public space onto the street,” explained borough mayor Jim Beis.

“I grew up in Pierrefonds all my life, we played ball hockey, shot hoops, climbed trees. We were physically active and in no way do we want to discourage families from being physically active.”

Beis said he is open to speaking to Kelso about the notice, adding once the issue is resolved, he may even challenge the family to a friendly game of hoops.

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