Oromocto receives Canada’s first Light Armoured Vehicle Monument

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After their bid was deemed successful nearly one year ago, the town of Oromocto has received Canada’s first Light Armoured Vehicle Monument to honour soldiers who served in Afghanistan.

The LAV III Monument was hoisted into place next to the Oromocto Cenotaph on Friday, further cementing the town’s armed forces roots.


“Oromocto CFB Gagetown is the home of the Canadian military,” said Jody Carr, MLA for Oromocto-Lincoln. “Every single soldier in the Canadian military will come through Base Gagetown at some point in their career.”

Fredericton West-Hanwell MLA Brian Macdonald was instrumental in the region’s push to receive the monument.

Although the team responsible for the successful bid was called the “Fredericton First Campaign,” Macdonald says Oromocto was always the perfect place for the tribute.

“We wanted the town of Oromocto to actually have the LAV because it’s so close to Base Gagetown,” Macdonald said.

“The military that live here and work and deploy overseas, their families and friends all live in the Fredericton region so it was important to have it right here in Oromocto so close to where our soldiers have trained.”

Oromocto native Cpl. Chad O’Quinn was killed by a roadside bomb in May 2009. His father, Ken says the monument will hit close to home for many residents.

“For some, it’s going to be happiness, for others it’s going to be a bit of sadness,” Ken said Friday.

“It’s a reminder to people —; this is the sacrifice that our soldiers make and people should be appreciative of that.”

The official unveiling of the monument will take place Wednesday, June 22 at 2:00 p.m.

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