‘Must-have’ travel products and travel deals of the week

Have you ever been in a store staring at a wall of travel accessories and felt completely overwhelmed? We checked in with travel expert Claire Newell‘s for her suggestions on “must-have” travel items to make your getaway easier and safer. Plus three travel deals of the week.

‘Must-have’ travel products:

RFID personal stash $9.99 / RFID belt stash $21.95
Makers of these wallets and belts used to store cash and credit and debit cards say they’ll protect you from people out to steal your information. They say the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) blocking technology in these bags protects your information from being scanned and stolen by illegal devices. But do they?

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Travelon sheets $5.95/50 sheets
These micro biodegradable sheets dissolve in water to become hand soap, shampoo, conditioner etc.Bucky 40 Blinks Sleep Mask $16.95
If too much light keeps you from falling asleep, an eye mask might be right for you. The Bucky eye mask’s dome shape blocks out all light and leaves space for you to blink freely without smudging makeup.Cooling Neck Tie $10.95
After being activated with water, the tie can be wrapped around your neck, head or wrist for an instant cool down.Eagle Creek packing cubes (set of 3) $32
Packing Cubes can help you organize and compress your luggage. Pack toiletries in one bag and gym clothes in the other for a clutter-free suitcase.No Jet Lag $14.95
This homeopathic tablet is advertized to help lessen the effects of jet lag. As always, you should consult with a medical professional before taking any medication.PacSafe daypack $109.99
This bag is billed as a bodyguard for your belongings. The Slashguard material is made from stainless steel wires that prevents people from cutting your bag open to get at your possessions. The zippers also have security hooks which prevent anyone but you from opening your pack.

Deals of the Week

Shanghai Plus Tour

Stay six nights in a hotel with most meals included

Dates: Sept. 22- 28 or Oct. 2- 14Depart from Vancouver, Calgary or Edmonton : $798 + $528 taxDepart from Toronto: $1098 + $528 tax

Costa Del Sol, Spain (Longstay)

Longstay for 20 nights in a one bedroom 5-star suite in a 4-star

Dates: Nov. 10 – Dec. 4 or Jan. 1 – Mar. 2Depart from Toronto: $1239 + $490 taxDepart from Calgary or Edmonton: $1369 + $520 taxDepart from Vancouver: $1449 + $500 tax

Panama Canal Cruise

A 14 night cruise from Los Angeles to Miami

Date: Nov. 25- Dec. 9Depart from Vancouver: $1499 + $698 taxDepart from Calgary or Toronto: $1549  + $698 tax

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