Missing Toronto capybara spotted swimming in High Park pond

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An operation is currently underway to capture at least one of two capybaras on the lam after it was spotted near a pond in Toronto’s High Park Friday morning.

Global News confirms one of them was seen swimming in a pond located at Parkside Drive and Spring Road just north of Lakeshore Boulevard.

City officials say traps have been set up throughout the park and that they may have to wait for it to get into them naturally.



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    The elusive creatures have been running wild on the park grounds for more than two weeks despite numerous sightings.

    The large rodents were first reported missing on May 24 after they escaped during an animal transfer at High Park Zoo.

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    Since then, crews have been working overnight to try to capture them but with no success.

    The animals — which resemble giant hamsters — are technically the largest rodents in the world, with the pair weighing around 30 lbs each.

    Zoo officials say they can be difficult to find because they can remain still, silent and submerged under water for hours with just their noses sticking out.

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