Florida man calls 911 to report he’s out of vodka

A Collier County, Florida man is facing a misdemeanor criminal charge after he called 911 Monday night to report a rather questionable “emergency.”

“Collier County 911. What is the status of your emergency?” the 911 dispatcher can be heard saying in audio logs obtained by NBC-2 News in Fort Myers, Florida.

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    “Uh sorry. It’s not what I’d call a true emergency, but it’s the same BS,” says Collier County resident Jack Means.

He goes on to explain that his neighbours are shouting and fighting.

“Do you know why they’re yelling?” the operator asks.

“It seems to be what they do best,” Means replies.

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Two Collier County sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to Means’ home but when they arrived, police said there was no sign of any disturbance involving his neighbours.

Instead, police say Means, who they believe was intoxicated, had called 911 after his girlfriend refused to buy him more vodka.

According to a police report, the two deputies spent more than an hour dealing with this non-emergency call.

“The more time that is being spent going to these calls that are not 911-related, somebody’s life could be in danger,” Naples resident Leslie Colburn told NBC-2.

Jack Means has been charged with a misdemeanor for misuse of 911.


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