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Amnesty International calls for release of Canadian jailed for research on women in Iran

MONTREAL – Amnesty International is calling on Iran to release a Montreal-based university professor who has been in prison since Monday.

Alex Neve, secretary general of Amnesty International Canada, described Homa Hoodfar as a prisoner of conscience.

READ MORE: Feds working to help Canadian academic reported jailed in Iran

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“The arrest of respected and accomplished scholar, Dr. Homa Hoodfar, is the latest attempt by the Iranian authorities at targeting individuals, including academics, for the peaceful exercise of their rights to freedom of expression and association,” Neve said in a statement Thursday.

“It is deeply troubling that someone whose research focuses on addressing women’s inequality can find herself arbitrarily arrested and held, possibly in solitary confinement, without access to a lawyer and her family.”

Hoodfar, a professor of anthropology at Concordia University, was arrested Monday after being interrogated by authorities, according to her niece, Amanda Ghahremani.

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Ghahremani told on Wednesday the 65-year-old is in the notorious Evin prison after conducting academic research on women in the country.

She said her aunt had not been allowed to contact her lawyer or family and that the nature of the charges against her was unclear.

Amnesty also called on Ottawa to take all possible diplomatic measures to ensure her immediate release and safe return to Canada.

Omar Alghabra, the parliamentary secretary for Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion, said the government is taking the case “very seriously.”

“We’re very concerned about the well-being of Dr. Hoodfar and we want to do everything we can to get her out of there as soon as possible,” he said Thursday.

Because the Canadian government does not have a diplomatic presence in Iran, officials are reaching out to “like-minded allies” to ask them for help in securing Hoodfar’s release, he noted.

He said he and Dion had both met with Hoodfar’s family and would do whatever they could to have her freed.

The new Liberal government has indicated it will re-establish relations with Iran and reopen the embassy the previous Conservative government closed in Tehran in 2012.


‘We fought like lions,’ Trudeau says of soldiers as newest war monument unveiled

CFB BORDEN, Ont. —; Prime Minister Justin Trudeau helped unveil Canada’s newest war monument on Thursday in a ceremony marking the 100th anniversary of the country’s largest military base.

Speaking in bright sunshine before hundreds of dignitaries, armed forces personnel and members of the public, Trudeau praised the efforts of veterans, those who have died in battle, and those who currently serve.

Canada and Canadians have earned respect around the world, he said, not just because we are polite or friendly and peaceable.

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“The reason the world pays heed to Canada is because we fought like lions in the trenches of World War I, on the beaches of World War II, and in theatres and conflicts scattered around the globe,” Trudeau said.

“We showed our ability to stand for our values, and fight and sacrifice for them in faraway places.”

With the pomp and ceremony befitting the occasion, “sacred soil” from the First World War battle of Vimy Ridge brought back to Canada last year was placed in an opening in the new memorial wall to serve as a permanent reminder of, and tribute to, those whose blood drenched the killing fields in France 99 years ago.

“We remember their courage and their sacrifice with a memorial that, like the resolve of Canadians themselves, survived a second world war,” Trudeau said.

“Nearly a century after their loss, Canada remembers and continues to mourn.”

The monument —; a nine-metre polished black and white granite wall along with a bronze statue of a bugler nearby —; forms the ceremonial northern entrance to Canadian Forces Base Borden near, Barrie, Ont.

The project was designed by Canadian artist and sculptor Marlene Hilton Moore. Funds for the monument were largely raised locally.

About two million military personnel have trained at Borden over the past century and about 20,000 more soldiers, sailors and airmen train at the base every year.

Trudeau said the country was in the process of reinvigorating its role as peacekeepers and stepping up its efforts to engage constructively with the rest of the world.

“Canada is committed to playing our part, indeed, to continue to punch well above our weight,” the prime minister said.


Number of accidental drug overdoses rises significantly in 2016: Coroner

Illicit drug-related deaths in B.C. increased by 75 per cent between January and May compared to the same time frame in 2015, according to new statistics released by the BC Coroners Service.

From January through May 2016, there were 308 accidental drug overdose deaths in B.C. and the large majority of those deaths involved the use of fentanyl.

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In April, the significant increase in drug-related overdoses and deaths in B.C. prompted Provincial Health Officer Dr. Perry Kendall to declare a public health emergency, which was the first time the PHO has served notice under the Public Health Act to exercise emergency powers.

READ MORE: Little if any heroin left in Vancouver, all fentanyl: drug advocates

British Columbia was the first province to take this kind of action in response to a public health crisis from drug overdoses. But so far, the PHO’s declaration of a public-health emergency doesn’t appear to have slowed the number of overdose deaths, according to B.C. Health Minister Terry Lake.

Fentanyl overdoses have been steadily increasing in B.C. over the past five years. According to the PHO, the increase in drug overdose deaths for which fentanyl was present went from five per cent in 2012 to approximately 31 per cent in 2015.

The recent statistics also show that in January 2016, there were 77 drug overdose deaths, which is the largest number of deaths in a single month for an extended period.

To prevent more deaths from overdosing, the BC Centre for Disease Control has distributed 8,000 kits containing the opioid antidote naloxone.

Health Canada removed the prescription status on naloxone in March to improve accessibility.

The kits are now available at over 100 establishments across the province and 1,200 kits have already been used to reverse overdoses, said Dr. Mark Tyndall, executive director of the Centre for Disease Control.

“The option to get it out of pharmacies has also been very helpful and we need to make sure people are aware they can pick it up,” he said.

Tyndall said the kits have a larger dose of the antidote than what was previously prescribed for opioids in order to be effective on the more dangerous substance fentanyl.

The coroner’s report shows fentanyl was involved in 56 per cent of deaths in the first four months of this year compared with just five per cent of drug-related deaths in 2012.

Tyndall said more services are needed, including rapid access to detox programs, to help people with addictions.

The health minister acknowledged there is a gap and said the government is investing in new services and centres for mental health and substance abuse.

However, Lake said “you can’t flip a switch” and it will take time for new services to have an effect.

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Crown drops Alberta assault charges against daredevil wrestler Teddy Hart

The Crown has dropped criminal charges against Teddy Hart, a member of Canada’s legendary Hart wrestling family and known for his daredevil antics both inside and outside the ring as well as for his breeding of Persian cats.

Hart, whose legal name is Edward Annis, was charged with assault, unlawful confinement and sexual assault against two women in Sherwood Park, just east of Edmonton, in 2013 and 2014.

The charges were withdrawn at the start of a preliminary hearing May 26.

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A spokeswoman with Alberta Justice says the Crown determined after a review that the case did not meet the criteria needed to proceed.

Lawyer Kent Teskey says his client had always maintained his innocence.

“Teddy has had this fog of charges over him for a year-and-a-half,” Teskey said Thursday.

“He’s relieved and looks forward to getting back to work.”

The same day the charges were withdrawn, Hart signed a peace bond agreeing not to contact the two women for two years. Teskey said Hart has no interest in contacting the complainants.

Hart, 36, is the grandson of Stu Hart, founder of Calgary’s Stampede Wrestling, and nephew of famed wrestler Bret (The Hitman) Hart.

At 18, he became the youngest wrestler to sign with what is now World Wrestling Entertainment. He later worked on other wrestling circuits in the United States, Mexico and Europe.

A March profile in Rolling Stone magazine detailed his eclectic lifestyle. He also has a side-career breeding Persian cats.

A pilot for a reality show about Hart, titled “Hart Attack,” was filmed but never aired. A description of the show says Hart “lived in a mansion filled with models, bikers and 50 Persian show cats.”

A producer of the show, Kurt Spenrath, is making a short documentary about Hart called “Hart of Darkness.”

Spenrath said that since the charges were withdrawn, Hart has received more wrestling offers. There are also plans for him to open a wrestling school in Los Angeles.

“He certainly seems to be reinvigorated in his career, strangely enough,” Spenrath said. “Promoters from all over North America have been scrambling for him.”

Teskey said Hart lived in Sherwood Park during the time of the women’s allegations.

Hart was in Texas when he was charged by RCMP in late 2014 and returned to Canada to turn himself in.


Pay your taxes with iTunes gift cards? Edmonton police warn it’s a scam

Over the past few months, Edmonton police have received several reports of a scam involving people posing as Canada Revenue Agency officials to swindle people out of money.

Police said telephone scammers claiming to be from the CRA will call people and tell them they have not filed their taxes properly and they owe the government money. The scammers then instruct people to pay up with pre-purchased iTunes gift cards.

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  • Tax season brings tax scams, warns CRA

  • CRA telephone scam making the rounds again

    Millions lost in Canada Revenue Agency call scam

    “These individuals are persistent and will use virtually any scare tactic they believe will allow them to get into people’s wallets,” Det. Bill Allen with the EPS said. “Scammers will go as far as telling you that police will show up at your door and arrest you – which is absolutely untrue.”

    READ MORE: Ontario woman defrauded of more than $12K in iTunes gift cards in CRA scam: police

    Allen said retailers should be on the lookout for this scam, citing one instance in particular.

    “We are currently investigating a file where a woman was convinced she owed the CRA $22,000. The woman visited two grocery stores and purchased $10,000 worth of iTunes gift cards at the first location and then purchased and additional $12,000 in iTunes gift cards at the second location. The woman then sent photos of the cards to the scammers.”

    READ MORE: Canada Revenue Agency scam dupes Edmonton-area senior out of more than $20K

    The CRA said it will never request payment by gift cards and urges people to verify the call before handing over any money. Randy Westerman, communications manager with CRA’s Prairie Region, said the organization does not conduct business in the following ways:

    Ask for personal information of any kind by email or text messageRequest payments by prepaid credit/gift cardsGive taxpayer information to another person, unless formal authorization is provided by the taxpayerSend an email with a link and ask you to divulge personal or financial informationLeave personal information on an answering machine

    Anyone who may have fallen victim to the scam is asked to visit a local police detachment to file a complaint or contact the EPS at 780-423-4567 or #377 from a mobile phone.

    For more information on how to protect yourself against scammers, visit the CRA’s website.


Wood Buffalo Food Bank re-opens after Fort McMurray wildfire

The Wood Buffalo Food Bank announced it will reopen Saturday June 11 from noon until 7 p.m. after cleaning up the destruction left by the wildfires in Fort McMurray.

“After weeks of hard work, cleaning, sanitizing, painting, disposing of 53,257 possibly contaminated food items, washing 20 pallets of cans, restocking shelves and passing inspections, the Wood Buffalo Food Bank (WBFB) is finally able to open its doors,” the group said in a statement Thursday.

Watch below: Global’s ongoing coverage of the fallout from the Fort McMurray wildfires

Beacon Hill School in Fort McMurray will not reopen for at least a year


Beacon Hill School in Fort McMurray will not reopen for at least a year


Some South Africans leave Fort McMurray fire fight, confusion lingers over pay


Raw video: First look at the devastated Abasand neighbourhood of Fort McMurray


Fort McMurray residents survey the damage in restricted neighbourhoods


Fort McMurray homeowners prepare to visit hardest-hit neighbourhoods


Fort McMurray wildfire officials receive heroes’ welcome at Alberta Legislature


Fort McMurray apartment building engulfed in flames


‘I can’t stay here much longer’: Man shoots video of downtown Fort McMurray fire


Crews respond to large fire in downtown Fort McMurray

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  • Going hungry: food banks across Canada worried about rising food prices

  • Food insecurity: Millions of Canadians struggle to put food on the table

    The WBFB is located at 10117 King St. and will be open daily 10 a.m. until 7 p.m. until June 24, then Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

    The food bank advises people who need food to line up at the green intake tent in the parking lot, fill out a form with staff—which requires your Red Cross number—and then you’ll receive a weekly hamper.

    READ MORE: Fort McMurray charities still helping despite personal losses

    Instead of the appointment-based monthly system, the bank said services will be this line-up based, weekly format until Sept. 1. Following that, the group will make assessments on a case-by-case basis.

    For more information, visit the food bank’s site at 长沙夜生活woodbuffalofoodbank长沙桑拿.

    READ MORE: Fort McMurray’s food bank sees record use in 2015, as real estate market cools


Sask. sex offenders express willingness for chemical castration as treatment option

Could administering medication be the answer to help sex offenders curb their urges? More and more accused are now offering to undergo chemical castration in exchange for the possibility of a lighter sentence.

Last week, court heard that it was something Jared John Charles would consider if it would help reduce the risk to society.

Sentencing for Saskatchewan man who abducted, sexually assaulted girl

He kidnapped and sexually assaulted an eight-year-old girl last July in Prince Albert, Sask., who had been left momentarily unattended at a playground. When he was arrested hours later, he told police he took the child because “she looked small and weak.”

Last week, court heard chemical castration was something Jared John Charles would consider if it would help reduce the risk to society.

Supplied / Prince Albert Police Service

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  • Moose Jaw, Sask. sees a rise in sexual assaults

  • Sask. man charged with committing sexual assault, firing gun recklessly at vehicle

  • Regina police charge man at high risk to reoffend with sexual assault

    Charles was handed an eight-year sentence for the crimes, with the judge describing the facts surrounding the case as horrific and every parent’s worst nightmare.

    The judge also had a few recommendations for Correctional Service Canada (CSC) to consider when it came to Charles. These included he receive treatment for FASD, and serve his time in the Regional Psychiatric Centre. There was no mention of chemical castration as a condition, and it’s not something a court can impose.

    “It has been difficult for us at times to get medical professionals to jump both feet into the idea that this is going to work for a particular offender – it’s really difficult to know,” Saskatoon criminal defence lawyer Brian Pfefferle said.

    Russell Wolfe, convicted sex offender, designated a long term offender

    He provided legal counsel to both Shane Pattison and Russell Wolfe, who are now deemed long-term offenders for victimizing children. Court also heard that Pattison and Wolfe had expressed interest in chemical castration to reduce their urges as well as their possible sentence.

    “Understanding that the potential for an accused person to spend the rest of their natural life in jail is present, sometimes accused persons will look at all avenues including use of chemical sterilization techniques,” Pfefferle added.

    The Saskatchewan Penitentiary in Prince Albert, Sask.

    According to one research report by CSC, the administration of antiandrogen medication, or chemical castration, is just as effective as surgical castration.

    Desired effects that have been achieved through the injections include: decrease in erotic fantasy; decreased frequency in erections and orgasms; reduction in sexual drive and activity; and less irritability and aggression.

    However, the medication does have potential side-effects such as: weight gain; headaches; fatigue; hot and cold flashes; phlebitis; nausea and vomiting; hyperglycemia; disrupted gall bladder and gastrointestinal function; and sleep disturbances.

    In a statement to Global News, CSC said it doesn’t track the number of convicted sex offenders that have undergone the treatment while serving time in a federal institution.

    “When an offender is identified as having pathological sexual behaviours, an assessment is conducted to determine if the use of a medication treatment option is appropriate for that offender. This takes into consideration the benefits and risks of the prescription medication,” CSC said in the statement.

    “As always, offenders have the right to refuse treatment and therefore the final decision is based on agreement between the attending physician and the offender.”

    “Medication to reduce testosterone levels is only one component of treatment and is typically provided in conjunction with cognitive behaviour therapy or another psychological treatment. Prescribed medications are rarely considered a stand-alone treatment for sex offenders.”

    Pfefferle said he is unaware of any client of his that has actually gone through with chemical castration as a treatment option or he just hasn’t been privy to their decision.

    “There’s a lot of moving parts to this. We don’t want to willy-nilly be injecting people with medication that will change their being if it’s not necessary,” Pfefferle added.

    “The easy solution to society’s ills is not often so easy when you get inside and meet the people that are involved in these situations.”

    Gordon Stuckless arrives at court in Toronto.


    In 2016, Canadian sex offender Gordon Stuckless disclosed that he had been receiving injections of sex-drive-reducing medication for over 10 years in an effort to keep him from re-offending.

    He was found guilty in 1997 of sexually assaulting at least 24 boys while working at the former Maple Leaf Gardens as an usher in the decades prior.

    Prosecutors, however, still had concerns about Stuckless, despite him undergoing chemical castration since he hadn’t gone through any kind of therapy or counselling to supplement the treatment, and couldn’t legally be forced to keep up the injections if he no longer wanted to.


‘Extremely violent’: Vancouver gangster shot dead in Toronto linked to Wolf Pack gang

A former Vancouver gangster killed in a daytime shooting in a busy downtown Toronto neighbourhood had connections with a dangerous criminal alliance known as the Wolf Pack gang, according to investigators in British Columbia.

Sukhvir “Sukh” Deo, 35, was sitting in a white Range Rover near Yonge Street and Eglinton Avenue when he was shot multiple times Tuesday afternoon, in what police called a “targeted shooting.”

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“I can tell you that he wasn’t a member of this community, it wasn’t a random shooting, it was targeted,” Toronto homicide Det.-Sgt. Joyce Schertzer told reporters Thursday.

And while Toronto police revealed little information about Deo’s background, investigators in British Columbia are well acquainted with the man suspected of cocaine trafficking and ties to several criminal organizations.

READ MORE: Shooting of Vancouver gangster Sukh Deo in Toronto ‘targeted,’ police seek witnesses

Staff Sgt. Lindsey Houghton of B.C.’s anti-gang squad, said Deo, while not a full-fledged member, was aligned with a violent gang known as the Independent Soldiers, which are part of a larger criminal organization called the Wolf Pack.

“Mr. Deo, who was just murdered in [Toronto], was historically aligned to the Independent Soldiers,” Houghton, with the B.C. Combined Forces Special Enforcement, told Global News. “But he was definitely aligned to at least several people in leadership positions of the Independent Soldiers and if we extend that up, it extends into this [larger criminal organization] that is the Wolf Pack.”

Houghton said the origins of the Wolf Pack go back to the Aug. 14, 2011 murder of Jonathan Bacon, an infamous B.C. gangster and leader of the Red Scorpions gang, who was shot by masked gunman while sitting in a car outside a hotel in Kelowna.

Toronto Police read email written by Sukh Deo’s family


Toronto Police read email written by Sukh Deo’s family


Toronto Police say Yonge and Eglinton shooting was ‘absolutely’ targeted


Former Vancouver gangster killed in Toronto


B.C. gangster the victim of deadly daytime Toronto shooting

Larry Amero, a full-patch member of the Hells Angels, was also wounded in the shooting and James Riach, a member of the Independent Solders, managed to escape unharmed, said Houghton.

“Here in British Columbia these groups the Red Scorpions and the Independent Soldiers were extremely violent,” Houghton said. “They are involved in a lot of drug trafficking, street level killings, murders.”

WATCH: Reputed B.C. gangster slain in Toronto was ejected from Raptors game:

Houghton said Amero was later arrested in Quebec in a drug trafficking case and is in jail awaiting trial. Riach’s whereabouts are currently unknown but he was arrested in the Philippines in 2014 for drug trafficking before being released.

Despite the events of 2011, the Wolf Pack gang continues to operate across Canada today, said Houghton, as a collection of gangs, criminal organizations and consortiums.

“We look at it as a crude business alliance of these groups who recognized they needed to come together to form what we called ‘power blocks’ within the organized crime scene, not just here in B.C. but across Canada and even internationally,” said Houghton.

READ MORE: Toronto mayor calls for wide-ranging action against gun violence after shootings

Several members of the Deo family are well known to police in Metro Vancouver, including his brother Harjit Singh Deo who was convicted in 2007 for a 2005 kidnapping for ransom in which the victim was held inside the Deo family home in New Westminster.

Sukh Deo had been living in Ontario since 2013 and was involved in drug dealing, said Houghton.

A statement from the family said that they were going through a “difficult time” and that they were “shattered” by his death.

“There have been many things written and said about Sukh alleging all manner of things that are not true,” the statement read.

READ MORE: Deadly shooting in Toronto’s Yonge and Eglinton neighbourhood, police seek 2 suspects

Deo’s father, Parminder Singh Deo, is also wanted in an Interpol warrant from India on charges including drug smuggling, forgery, theft, and criminal conspiracy.”

Before his death, he was seen sitting courtside during a Toronto Raptors playoff game and was ejected from his seat during Game 4 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals after heckling referees.

Houghton said police in B.C. work closely with police agencies across the country in targeting violent gangs like the Wolf Pack, and warned there could be more violence.

“If history tells us anything, especially here in British Columbia, when we have individuals — no matter where they are placed on the gang hierarchy— any time one of them is a victim of violence, whether it’s murder or an attempt on their life, in the past 10 years we’ve seen tit-for-tat reprisals,” he said.

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Here’s how Canada’s new tariffs on U.S. imports could impact your weekly shopping bill

A few days after Canada’s retaliatory tariffs on U.S. imports, worth a total of CAD$16.6 billion, came into effect, the question still lingers: What impact will this have on consumers at the cash register?

Global News spoke to several economists and supply chain management experts who supported the assertion that the upper limit for increasing retail prices after the tariffs are applied could be as much as 10 per cent of the original price — or the full cost of the tariff.

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Calgary companies warn of price increases due to new tariffs

“The upper limit is going to be the 10 per cent,” said Walid Hejazi, a professor of economics at the University of Toronto. “Some companies have already said they’re just going to pass the entirety to the customer.”

In response to tariffs on Canadian aluminum and steel exports, the Trudeau government has placed retaliatory tariffs on U.S. steel and aluminum products as well as a 10 per cent tariff on over 80 consumer products.

Because the tariffs will be applied as a “direct percentage,” Marc Wulfraat, the president of supply chain consulting firm MWPVL explained, some retailers may have no choice but to raise prices by a full 10 per cent.

“If it goes up by 10 per cent in duties, technically the retail price should go up by 10 per cent as well. The retailer has to make a percentile of markup in order to keep his business afloat. He’s going be paying more for the goods, therefore he’s going to charge more for the goods,” Wulfraat said.

White House says no timetable for how long tariffs on Canada, Mexico will be in place


White House says no timetable for how long tariffs on Canada, Mexico will be in place


‘We’ve been very nice to Canada’: White House reacts to retaliatory tariffs


Prime Minister visits steel workers, families as retaliatory tariffs take effect


Calgary companies warn of prices increases due to new tariffs


Trump says auto tariffs won’t increase cost of vehicles because they’ll be built in U.S.


Economic impact of retaliatory tariffs on U.S. products


Trump’s auto tariffs could impact Canadian consumers


Deron Bilous offers support for Ottawa reaction to U.S. trade tariffs


Canadian counter-tariffs impact costs at Winnipeg bakery


Canada ready to roll on retaliatory tariffs on U.S. products


Ottawa offers up to $2B to aid Canadian workers hurt by U.S. tariffs


Solution to tariffs on American goods is in the hands of the U.S.


Canada joins allies in ‘retaliatory’ measures against U.S. tariffs


Tariffs placed on U.S. goods leave Chrystia Freeland ‘in sorrow’

Keeping in mind that each exporter will individually determine how to absorb these tariffs — whether it be through raising prices, laying off employees, accepting lower profit margins, or otherwise — Global News crunched the numbers to determine what could happen to Canadians’ weekly shopping bills, if the full value of these levies were passed on to the customer.

These estimates are based on regular-priced items, not on sale or clearance.

Freeland: No choice but to apply retaliatory tariffs against U.S.


Freeland: No choice but to apply retaliatory tariffs against U.S.


Canada slaps tariffs up to 25 per cent on American goods


Canada responds to ‘illegal’ U.S. tariffs with duties on American goods


Trump defends tariffs policy, says ‘we’re not starting a trade war, but we’ll finish it’


Morneau says U.S. tariffs not helpful, defends Canada’s tariffs


‘Friends don’t do that to friends’: Quebec finance minister on U.S. tariffs


Bill Morneau says Canada ‘stands behind’ businesses impacted by tariffs


Trump on tariffs: We’re the bank that everyone wants to steal from


White House slams EU over tariffs resulting in Harley-Davidson move


Wisconsin governor calls for ‘no tariffs’ as Harley-Davidson shifts production overseas


Harley-Davidson says new tariffs will raise price of motorcycles by thousands of dollars


Tourism operators hope U.S. tariffs won’t affect business


Freeland vows ‘equally clear and firm’ repose to Trump auto tariffs


Freeland confident 160,000 auto sector jobs will be protected from U.S. tariffs

It’s important to note that these calculations are a rough estimate of the highest amount prices on commonly-purchased products could increase as a result of the tariffs that came into effect on July 1. Depending on how each exporter chooses to absorb the increased fees, the actual amounts may vary.


Display of Folgers coffee in Laval, Que., May 9, 2015.


To determine the average price of American-made coffee in Canada, We found the average retail price of two of Canadians’ favourite American coffee brands: Folgers and Maxwell House. We compared the prices of the Maxwell House Original Roast (920g) (a brand owned by the Kraft-Heinz Company) and the Folgers Classic Roast (920g) from both Walmart Canada and Loblaws online stores, and found the average price to be $9.80.

If a 10 per cent tariff were directly passed down to the consumer, Canadians could soon pay an average of $10.78 for their favourite instant coffee.The average price of Folgers Classic Roast (920g) used for this estimate is $10.44The average price of Maxwell House Original Roast (920g) used for this estimate is $9.48

Potential increase in average coffee price: Up to $0.98.


In this Jan. 13, 2014, file photo, Jim Beam bottles line the counter at the Jim Beam visitors’ center at Clermont, Ky.

(AP Photo/Bruce Schreiner, File)

To determine the average price of American whisky in Canada, Global News compared the LCBO retail prices of Jim Beam White (750 ml), Jack Daniels’ Tennessee Whisky (750 ml) and Wild Turkey 81 Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon (750 ml). We found that the average price of these three popular whiskies is currently $32.38.

If a 10 per cent tariff were directly passed down to the consumer, Canadians could soon pay an average $35.61 for 750 ml bottles of many popular brands of whisky. Of course, these increases vary depending on the size of the bottle.The average price of Jim Beam White (750 ml) used for this estimate is $27.95The average price of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whisky (750 ml) used for this estimate is $35.25The average price of Wild Turkey 81 Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon (750 ml) used for this estimate is $33.95

Potential increase in average whisky price: Up to $3.23


Snickers chocolate bars are seen at a market in Ankara, Turkey on February 25, 2016.

Getty Images

Both chocolate “blocks, slabs or bars,” with and without fillings will be subject to a 10 per cent import tariff as of July 1. Therefore, Global News selected one of each — Snickers Bars and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Chocolates — to determine the average price chocolate bars could go up for Canadian consumers.

Global compared the prices of a regular Snickers Bar and a pack of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Chocolates at both Walmart Canada and Loblaws online stores, and found the average price to be $2.12.

If a 10 per cent tariff were directly passed down to the consumer, Canadians could soon pay an average of $2.33 for their favourite chocolate treats.The average price of Snickers Bars used for this estimate is $2.00The average price of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Chocolates used for this estimate is $2.24

Potential increase in average chocolate bar price: Up to $0.21 

Strawberry Jam

In this Aug. 16, 2010 file photo, a jar of Smucker’s preserves is displayed in Philadelphia.

(AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Canadians love their strawberry jam, but unfortunately, it’s on the list of dozens of U.S. imports that were hit with a 10 per cent tariff this past Sunday. Global took the price of Smucker’s Strawberry Jam (500 ml) and Kraft Strawberry Jam (500 ml) from Walmart Canada and Loblaws stores, and found the average price of American-made strawberry jam in Canada to be $4.92.

If a 10 per cent tariff were directly applied to the average price of strawberry jam, Canadians could soon pay up to $5.41 for American brands.The average price of Smuckers Strawberry Jam (500 ml) used for this estimate is $4.48The average price of Kraft Strawberry Jam (500 ml) used for this estimate is $5.37

Potential increase in average price of strawberry jam: Up to $0.49 

Orange Juice

Shelves of orange juice at Publix, grocery store.

(Photo by: Jeffrey Greenberg/UIG via Getty Images)

The majority of orange juice imported to Canada comes from Florida, meaning it’s likely subject to a 10 per cent tariff. To determine the average increase Canadians can expect to see on their orange juice, we took the average of the prices of Tropicana 2.63L from both Walmart Canada and Loblaws, which is imported from a manufacturing plant in Bradenton, Fl. While Simply Orange is a Coca-Cola subsidiary brand, it’s largely produced in Coca Cola’s Canadian manufacturing plant in Peterborough, On.

Global News found the average price to be $6.98 for a 2.63-litre bottle of Tropicana Orange juice, a brand owned by PepsiCo.

If a 10 per cent tariff were directly applied to that price, Canadians may soon pay up to an average of $7.67 for the popular orange juice brand.

Potential increase in average price of orange juice: Up to $0.69 

Toilet Paper

A shopper pushes a cart down the toilet paper aisle at Safeway in Bowie, Maryland, on January 20, 2016, as weather forecasts predict an incoming blizzard to the area.

AFP / JIM WATSON (Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

While there are several Canadian brands of toilet paper that take up much of the shelf space across the country, a few American brands have managed to become fan favourites north of the border. Global News selected Charmin Ultra Strong, as it was the only American-branded toilet paper available in both Walmart Canada and Loblaws online stores, and found the average price of the product to be $16.33 for a 12-roll package.

If a 10 per cent tariff were applied in full, Canadians could soon pay up to $17.96 for 12-roll packages of Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper.

Potential increase in average price of toilet paper: Up to $1.63 

Salad Dressing

In this July 28, 2008 file photo, bottles of Kraft Foods’ salad dressing sit on display at J.J. & F. Market in Palo Alto, Calif.

(AP Photo/Paul Sakuma, File)

Salad dressing imported into Canada is primarily exported by one of the largest producers of condiments in the United States, Kraft-Heinz. However, Kaft-Heinz produces many of their products in Canadian manufacturing plants and did not respond to our queries about which products would be impacted by the tariff. Therefore, we used two other brands that have become popular American alternatives over the years, including Newman’s Own, based out of Connecticut and Hidden Valley dressings, manufactured in Oakland, Calif.

To come up with a close estimate of the average price of American salad dressing in Canada, Global News took the prices of Hidden Valley Original Ranch Salad Dressingand Newman’s Own Salad Dressing Balsamic Vinaigrette from both Walmart Canada and Loblaws online stores and found the average price to be $3.85

If a 10 per cent tariff were applied to that price in full, Canadians could soon pay up to $4.23 for salad dressing at their favourite retailers.The average price of Hidden Valley Original Ranch Salad Dressing used for this estimate is $4.13The average price of Newman’s Own Salad Dressing Balsamic Vinaigrette used for this estimate is $3.58.

Potential increase in average price of salad dressing: Up to $0.38 


This March 2, 2011, file photo, shows containers of Heinz ketchup on the shelf of a market, in Barre, Vt.


Like salad dressing, ketchup imports are largely dominated by a few major companies, primarily Kraft-Heinz since the company closed its Leamington, On., manufacturing branch a few years ago. Global News compared the price of Heinz Tomato Ketchup (750 ml) from Walmart Canada and Loblaws, and Metro’s private label Selection (750 ml) from Metro locations (which is manufactured in the United States) and found the average price to be $3.38

If a 10 per cent tariff were applied in full, Canadian consumers could soon pay up to $3.71 for ketchup at major retailers.The average price of Heinz Tomato Ketchup (750 ml) used for this estimate is $3.73.The price of Selection (750 ml) used for this estimate is $2.69.

Potential increase in average price of ketchup: Up to $0.33 

Air Freshener

Procter & Gamble Co. Febreze brand air freshener sits on display in a supermarket in Princeton, Illinois, U.S., on Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2013.

Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

If you occasionally add air freshener to your weekly shopping list, you may be impacted by Canada’s retaliatory tariffs on U.S. imports. Major brands such as Glade and Febreze are imported to Canada from U.S. states and could be subject to a 10 per cent duty at the border.

Global News took the prices of Febreze Air Freshener (250g) and Glade Clean Linen (227g) from Walmart Canada and Loblaws and found the average price to be $2.57.

If a 10 per cent tariff were applied directly to that price, Canadians may soon pay up to an average of $2.82 for air freshener every week.The average price of Febreze Air Freshener (250g) used for this estimate is $3.66.The average price of Glade Clean Linen (227g) used for this estimate is $1.47.

Potential increase in average price of air freshener: Up to $0.25


This undated file product image provided by Unilever shows Hellmann’s real mayonnaise.

(AP Photo/Unilever, File)

Mayonnaise is a staple for many Canadian shopping carts. To determine the average price Canadians pay for American mayonnaise, Global took the prices of Kraft Miracle Whip (650 ml), which is imported by Kraft-Heinz Canada, from Walmart Canada and Loblaws’ online stores, and found the average to be $3.98 .

If a 10 per cent tariff were applied in full, Canadians could pay up to an average of $4.37 for a 650 ml bottle of mayonnaise.The average price of Kraft Miracle Whip (890 ml) used for this estimate is $3.98.

Potential increase in average price of mayonnaise: Up to $0.39


Cans of Campbell’s soup sit on grocery store shelves in the United States.

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Everyone has seen Campbell’s tomato soup stacked on the shelves at their local grocery store. Unfortunately, Campbell’s, as well as other brands of soup, now fall under a 10 per cent tariff. To determine the general price of American soups in Canada, Global News took the prices of Campbell’s Creamy Tomato Soup (540 ml) and Amy’s Organic Soups (398 ml) from Walmart Canada and Loblaws, and found the average price to be $3.08.

If a 10 per cent tariff were applied directly to the consumer, Canadians may soon pay up to $3.38 for American-made soup.The average price of Campbell’s Creamy Tomato Soup (540 ml) used for this estimate is $2.23.The average price of Amy’s Organic Soups (398 ml) used for this estimate is $3.93

Potential increase in average price of soup: Up to $0.30

In total, Canadians who purchase these items each week could see their average grocery bill increase by as much as $8.88.

What does this mean for Canadians?

According to experts and politicians, the impact will be minimal and won’t be felt for about a month after the tariffs come into effect. While corporations have decried the impact on their bottom lines, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland assured consumers that the direct impact on their shopping bills would be minimal.

“In putting together these lists, the government and our fine officials have worked really hard to find lists that have the minimal impact on Canadians,” Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said recently in testimony before a parliamentary trade committee.

By and large, economists have supported this claim.

What U.S. steel, aluminum tariffs mean for Canadians — and their wallets

“These are not huge numbers. These tariffs are meant to send a message. Every one of these goods is targeted to a state that’s tied to Donald Trump,” Hejazi said. He added however, that while they may not significantly lighten Canadian’s wallets, they represent a strong trade action nonetheless and should be taken seriously.

“It’s really a sad state of affairs that one man can impact the livelihoods of 10 million Canadians.”

Campbell’s also responded to a request for comment, confirming that a 10 per cent tariff on their soups and tomato-based products – in addition to the anticipated increase in pricing for these products’ aluminum and steel packaging – would significantly impact their business.

“With a 10 per cent tariff on soups and broths and tomato products – representing the core of Campbell’s products that are sold in Canada and made from both U.S. and Canadian ingredients – Campbell estimates the economic impact to our Canadian business to be significant,” a spokesperson said.

It’s important to note that corporations whose specific products are not on the list may also face price increases due to the use of aluminum and steel components in their packaging.

“This is in addition to the anticipated increase in costs for imported tin plate steel used almost exclusively for food production, which is Campbell’s single largest procurement expense and accounting for —some 2 billion cans of food annually in North America,” Campbell’s added.

PepsiCo, has also issued several statements outlining the impacts that 25 per cent tariffs on steel imports and 10 per cent tariffs on aluminum imports may have on their in-store prices, and have already begun warning third-party retailers of the coming hikes.

B.C. restaurants feel the squeeze as Pepsi raises prices due to trade war tariffs

“PepsiCo Beverages Canada has thoroughly reviewed the implications of these proposed actions, and has concluded that we must pass through any cost increase in order to be able to continue to provide the highest quality products, unequaled service, world-class marketing and consistent consumer value,” read a letter from PepsiCo, received by President and co-owner of C-Lovers Fish and Chips Brad MacLeod.

Wulfraat adds that some American companies may use Canadian manufacturing plants to avoid shipping products across the border, which would also exclude them from newly minted tariffs on certain imports. Canadians who are looking to save money on American products included on the list, can check the packaging for information about the manufacturing location. Goods that were manufactured in Canada, even if they’re subject to a tariff at the border, would be spared the extra tax.

Auto tariffs could cut Canadian production by almost 1 million cars: CIBC

However, he suspects that this scenario won’t be common, as the Canadian government has likely used data detailing which products are largely imported from the U.S. to ensure these tariffs put pressure on the Trump administration.

“They’re probably also looking at the data they have in terms of what is being produced where, and what we import the most of. So, if they slapped a tariff on green beans, well, big deal,” said Wulfraat. “Most of the beans we eat are produced in Canada anyway.”

“They must have data that tells them where they should hit in order to maximize the penalty.”

Other companies, however, have already declared that they won’t pass down the additional fees to consumers, including the president of family-run Gielow Pickles Inc. in Lexington, Michigan, who says about 15 per cent of his business activity involves buying and selling cucumbers and pickles with partners in Canada.

U.S. Tariffs getting people to buy Canadian


U.S. Tariffs getting people to buy Canadian


Freeland ‘strong, measured’ retaliatory tariffs to be imposed on U.S.


Pompeo ‘convinced’ tariffs won’t effect relationship with Canada


Doug Ford on tariffs: ‘the fight shouldn’t be with Canada’


Peterborough companies feeling effects of U.S. steel tariffs


‘I don’t support tariffs’: Premier- Designate Doug Ford says when it comes to steel, aluminum and Ontario’s auto sector


‘Confident common sense will prevail’: Freeland on U.S. tariffs


Canada to retaliate U.S. tariffs with its own dollar-for-dollar tariffs response


Corker calls Trump’s tariffs an ‘abuse of presidential authority’


Bob Corker says U.S. tariffs on Canada have yet to be approved

He said he’s ready to absorb the tariff increases himself if necessary, but he’s hoping for a quick resolution to the dispute.

“It won’t affect the bottom line for Gielow Pickles — it will come out of my pocket,” said Doug Gielow, whose company motto is “Fifth Generation Pickle People.”

“When my pocket’s empty, I’m going to have to pass it on,” Gielow said. “If you looked through my pocket, you’ll see it isn’t that full.”

-With files from Robyn Crawford and Simon Little. 


NDP fears government is opening the backdoor for more health privatization

It was no surprise that the government introduced legislation to allow the option for private pay CT scans, but the inclusion of the words “medical imaging” had the opposition fearing this opens the backdoor for more privatization.

“The opportunity to create user pay diagnostics is right there in the bill,” NDP health critic Danielle Chartier said.

ChangSha Night Net


  • Saskatchewan passes private MRI law

  • Saskatchewan law allowing people to privately pay for MRIs kicks in

  • Sask. doctors oppose allowing people to pay privately for MRIs

    “If that’s something they weren’t thinking of, or opening the door down the road, they never should have put it in the bill in the first place. They only campaigned on CT Scans.”

    The Saskatchewan Party campaigned on introducing a private pay option for CT scans, with the condition that the clinic provide a free scan to someone waiting on the public list.

    “What we’re planning to adopt is legislation that will provide us with some flexibility,” Health Minister Dustin Duncan said.

    He said in the event the government wants to add another diagnostic scan to the private pay list, like x-rays, they wouldn’t have to scrap the existing legislation and introduce a new bill like they have with the CT scans.

    “I think we have the license to try some innovative things and to be pretty open with the public that we’ll have to do some innovative things in healthcare if we’re going to see a sustainable system going forward,” Duncan explained.

    However, Chartier said the government hasn’t been shy to bring bills back in the past to add things to them, and worries about how this my impact Medicare.

    “The reality is if you pay for diagnostic services you get treatment before other people do,” she said.

    “Why would you pay for diagnostics if it means you couldn’t get your treatment? This is about getting treatment faster than those on the public list.”

    Legislation allowing private MRIs came into effect on February 29, 2016. Since then 258 scans have been done, and 77 were paid for. The other 181 were done through previously made agreements with the Worker’s Compensation Board and Saskatchewan Roughriders.

    Currently there are two licensed facilities in Regina that can provide private MRI scans.