Canmore family returns home 1 year after explosion

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Dave and Jenny Palmer are finally moving back into their Canmore, Alta. house–only it doesn’t quite feel like home.

“Someone had control over this, that’s the part that gets me angry,” Jenny Palmer said. “Because now–yeah, we have a big beautiful house and new stuff, but it’s exciting in a depressing way. It’s how we got here.”

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The Palmers’ house is among 18 severely damaged after a construction crew hit a gas line, causing an explosion last June. The only thing that remains from their old home is a basement shower.

Walls and windows weren’t the only things re-arranged.

“We arrived on our son’s doorstep with just the clothes on our backs–it affected their lives, our lives,” Palmer said. “I don’t do very well with loud bangs now…if there’s fireworks. It’s changed my life that way and I never know when it’s going to happen.”

Jenny Palmer looks at her great-grandparents’ old trunk brought to Canada from Russia. It was saved after the explosion, but the contents–her kids’ baby clothes – weren’t.

Jayme Doll / Global News

Moving crews arrived at the Palmers’ new house with their belongings. It’s the first time they’ve been able to see what the insurance company felt was salvageable. Some things were damaged by glass and asbestos, but Jenny’s great-grandparents’ old trunk (above) was saved.

It’s been a long battle for many residents to return. Only half of the people most impacted have moved back in; many have been wading through the red tape.

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Canmore explosion 6 months later: ‘We still haven’t woken up from a dream’


Canmore explosion 6 months later: ‘We still haven’t woken up from a dream’


Explosion in Canmore

The question of who is at fault is still under investigation, but the town has helped where it can–including forgiving 2015 municipal property taxes.

“Town utilities, water, sewage, garbage…for those who didn’t want those we de-activated them,” said Adam Robertson with the Town of Canmore. “The town’s been prioritizing development with building permits. We’ve tried to expedite the process.”

An investigation led by Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is underway, looking into such things as why emergency services weren’t on scene when the line was initially hit and the amount of time it took for the gas to be turned off.

ATCO Gas said it’s fully cooperating with the investigation but provided no further comment Friday.


  • Canmore explosion 6 months later: ‘We haven’t woken up from a dream’

  • ‘All I heard is this kaboom’: 3 in hospital after Canmore explosion


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