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Rescuer saves, adopts dog chained to porch in Texas floods

A dog chained to a porch during the deadly floods in Texas was rescued by Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls last month and has now been adopted into his family.

Nehls wrote that when he first saw the dog barely keeping her head above the rising water, it was “infuriating.”

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The Houston Humane Society named the pup Archer and prepared to put her up for adoption, but when the Nehls family went to visit her it was “love at first sight for everyone.”

NBC affiliate KPRC spoke to Archer’s original owner, Mario Gallardo, on Wednesday. He said he didn’t think the flooding would be as bad as it was when he left his home to receive dialysis treatment.

When Archer was rescued, she was covered in debris and had heartworms and fleas. The Humane Society also said there were marks around Archer’s neck that indicated she was often chained for long periods.

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Gallardo told KPRC that he’s made peace with Archer finding a new home.

As for his part, Nehls claimed that even if Gallardo wanted Archer back, he would have fought to keep her with his family.

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Facing calls for him to quit, Bernie Sanders meets with Barack Obama at White House

WASHINGTON – With calls growing for him to quit, Bernie Sanders came to the White House on Thursday for a meeting that President Barack Obama hoped to use to try to nudge the Vermont senator to accept defeat in the Democratic race. Obama planned to endorse Hillary Clinton after the meeting.

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The high-profile meeting in the Oval Office illustrated the intensifying effort within the Democratic Party to unite behind Clinton as the nominee so the party can focus fully on defeating Republican Donald Trump in the fall. Clinton declared victory over Sanders on Tuesday, having captured the number of delegates needed to become the first female nominee from a major party.

Sanders, accompanied by his wife, Jane, arrived at the White House late Thursday morning by motorcade, stopping first for coffee and a scone at a cafe nearby, his spokesman said. He and Obama walked together along the Rose Garden colonnade, smiling and laughing before entering the Oval Office.

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After the private meeting, Sanders was expected to address reporters in the West Wing driveway before heading to the Capitol to sit down with Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid.

Though Sanders has shown signs he understands the end of his race is near – he was is off about half his team – he has vowed to keep fighting, stoking concern among party leaders eager for the primary race to conclude. Still looking like a candidate, Sanders planned a rally Thursday evening in Washington, which holds the final primary contest next week.

The situation has put Obama, the outgoing leader of his party, in the sensitive position of having to broker detente between Clinton and Sanders without alienating the runner-up’s supporters, many of whom are angry over what they see as the Democratic establishment’s efforts to strong-arm him out of the race. Clinton is counting on Sanders’ supporters backing her to defeat Trump.

Obama, who has made clear he believes the race is over, was expected to formally endorse Clinton following his meeting with Sanders. Aiming to pay tribute to the historic nature of the self-described Democratic socialist’s candidacy and his throngs of young supporters, Obama has sought to give the senator the courtesy of exiting the race on his own terms.

“It was a healthy thing for the Democratic Party to have a contested primary. I thought that Bernie Sanders brought enormous energy and new ideas,” Obama said Wednesday during a taped appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. “And he pushed the party and challenged them. I thought it made Hillary a better candidate.”

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Obama planned to use the meeting, requested by Sanders, to discuss how to build on the enthusiasm Sanders brought to the primary, the White House said. That’s a diplomatic way of saying it’s time for Sanders to pass the baton to Clinton.

Now head-to-head in the presidential race, Clinton and Trump have one thing in common: Both are working to woo Sanders supporters. Trump has said he welcomes Sanders’ voters “with open arms” while Clinton has vowed to reach out to voters who backed her opponent in the Democratic primary.

“He has said that he’s certainly going to do everything he can to defeat Trump,” Clinton said of Sanders in an Associated Press interview. “I’m very much looking forward to working with him to do that.”

Trump, despite a string of victories this week that reaffirmed his place as the GOP nominee, was still working to convince wary Republicans that he’s presidential material. Looking ahead to an upcoming speech attacking Clinton and her husband, Trump tried to turn the page following a dust-up over his comments about a Hispanic judge’s ethnicity.

That controversy and others before it have led prominent Republicans, including House Speaker Paul Ryan, to openly chastise their party’s nominee. Yet Trump’s dominance in the GOP race is hard to overstate: He now has 1,542 delegates, including 1,447 required by party rules to vote for him at the convention. It takes just 1,237 delegates to win the Republican nomination.

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For Sanders, any rationale for staying in the race has grown more tenuous as even some of his staunchest supporters have started looking to Clinton. Sen. Jeff Merkley of Oregon, the one Senate Democrat to endorse Sanders, said Clinton was the nominee and offered his congratulations. And Rep. Raul Grijalva, a Sanders backer from Arizona, suggested the time to rally behind Clinton would come after the District of Columbia primary on Tuesday.

“Bernie’s going to do the right thing,” Grijalva said.

Sanders has promised to continue his campaign through Tuesday’s contest. But about half his campaign staff was being laid off, two people familiar with the plans said. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to speak publicly about the layoffs.

Obama’s aides have said he’s itching to get off the sidelines and take on Trump. The key question is whether voters who helped elect him twice will follow his lead now that he’s not on the ballot. Democrats have yet to see that powerful coalition of minorities, young people and women reliably show up for candidates not named Obama.

“It’s going to be hard to get African-American turnout as high as Obama got it, and to get youth turnout as high as Obama got it,” said Celinda Lake, a Democratic pollster. “We have to work really hard.”


Associated Press writers Ken Thomas, Erica Werner, Laurie Kellman and Lisa Lerer contributed to this report.


Florida man calls 911 to report he’s out of vodka

A Collier County, Florida man is facing a misdemeanor criminal charge after he called 911 Monday night to report a rather questionable “emergency.”

“Collier County 911. What is the status of your emergency?” the 911 dispatcher can be heard saying in audio logs obtained by NBC-2 News in Fort Myers, Florida.

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  • Florida man recorded attempting to abduct 13-year-old girl, mother fends off predator

  • Questions remain after arrest in slaying of Toronto-born Florida professor Daniel Markel

    “Uh sorry. It’s not what I’d call a true emergency, but it’s the same BS,” says Collier County resident Jack Means.

He goes on to explain that his neighbours are shouting and fighting.

“Do you know why they’re yelling?” the operator asks.

“It seems to be what they do best,” Means replies.

WATCH: Florida man recorded attempting to abduct 13-year-old girl, mother fends off predator

Two Collier County sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to Means’ home but when they arrived, police said there was no sign of any disturbance involving his neighbours.

Instead, police say Means, who they believe was intoxicated, had called 911 after his girlfriend refused to buy him more vodka.

According to a police report, the two deputies spent more than an hour dealing with this non-emergency call.

“The more time that is being spent going to these calls that are not 911-related, somebody’s life could be in danger,” Naples resident Leslie Colburn told NBC-2.

Jack Means has been charged with a misdemeanor for misuse of 911.


Teen suicide: What one American county is doing to get students to talk about suicide

People in Berks County, Pennsylvania have some advice for towns like Woodstock, Ontario going through a suicide crisis:

Talk about it.

READ MORE: ‘Suicide contagion’ feared in Woodstock, Ont., after string of youth suicides

They’re walking their talk on this too. After facing 55 suicides in the county in 2015 (out of a population of about 415,000) they decided it was time to take action.

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  • Students walk out of classes after 5 youth suicides in Woodstock, Ont.

  • ‘Suicide contagion’ feared in Woodstock, Ont., after string of youth suicides

    They’ve been hitting the airwaves, the stage and the baseball field to spread the message: it’s ok to talk about suicide, you’re not the only person who’s had these feelings and there is help out there for you.

    “I think the whole past thinking of it was, don’t talk about it because it will cause you to do it, and you should be ashamed of it and just get over it,” said Edward Michalik, Berks County’s mental health and developmental disabilities administrator.

    “That couldn’t be more wrong. That’s what we’re trying to tell people: it’s normal, we’ll get you through it, there are other people that are struggling with it.”

    One of the ways they’re getting the message out is through a play, performed by local middle and high school students, that frankly discusses suicide.

    In that play, called “Between Apartment 2B and the Endzone”, the students tell stories based on the experiences of real youth and talk about the outcome — whether that person killed themselves, or not, and what the impact of that decision was.

    And panel discussions featuring people who had lost family members to suicide, or attempted suicide themselves really brought the message to people, says Michalik.

    “They talked about their experiences how, in a nutshell, suicide is not an end. It may be the end for the people who commit it, but it’s the beginning of a lifetime of all kinds of struggles and trauma for all those who were left behind,” he said.

    The student performers were “very into it,” he said. “The play, talking to them afterward and even before, represents some of the struggles they see among their peers and they felt compelled to do this to make a difference.”

    They’ve been performing at high schools all around the county. And the audience reaction at a recent public performance was “very powerful.”

    Baseball games and TV commercials

    But Berks County is doing more than putting on a play. They also recently sponsored a night at the local minor baseball game. The Fightin Phils played in front of a crowd of 6,300 people, who all saw messages about suicide prevention on the Jumbotron and took a try at a dunk tank, dunking prominent members of the mental health community and getting information on local mental health resources while they stood in line.

    The county has set up a website, called ruOK Berks?, filled with mental health resources.

    And Michalik himself has taken to the airwaves, in a public service announcement broadcast on local ESPN and Fox channels.

    Although his group has only been at it for a few months, Michalik believes their actions are having an impact.

    “People are literally coming out of the woodwork to tell their stories, to start talking about it,” he said.

    Since his TV appearances, Michalik himself has been approached many times. “Wherever I go, people say, ‘My god, you’re in my living room at midnight talking about suicide.’ And then they go on to talk about their own stories.”

    “I went to pay my taxes, and my tax collector started crying because she said she saw the television video and her husband had committed suicide a year ago and she wishes people would have talked about it.”

    And now that people are talking about it, he hopes they are getting the help they need. At performances of the play, for example, they had people present who could help the audience talk through their experiences. Months of planning went into preparing these resources before the campaign went public, he said.

    “You can’t bring this play to a school if you don’t have enough support for the student body and the faculty because chances are not only has the student body experienced it, you’ve got faculty members who have lost their own family members.”

    Keeping the dialogue open is important, he said. “It has to be a community effort and it has to be an open dialogue and one that’s not sanitized. The minute someone starts crying about it, you don’t whisk them away so no one sees them crying about it.”

    Woodstock walkout

    High school students in Woodstock, Ontario walked out of class Tuesday to call for action after a string of suicides in that community.

    Some students wanted improved access to counsellors so they could do exactly what Berks County is doing: talk about suicide. The Thames Valley District School Board said Thursday that they have mental health professionals in each high school and have added additional resources.

    School board officials will hold a public meeting June 22, which will include parents, caregivers and community agencies to discuss the supports and community programs available to youth over the summer.

    If you, a family member or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, or you believe they may be suffering from severe depression and/or anxiety, there are many organizations available to help including the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention.  A lengthy list can be found here.


‘Must-have’ travel products and travel deals of the week

Have you ever been in a store staring at a wall of travel accessories and felt completely overwhelmed? We checked in with travel expert Claire Newell‘s for her suggestions on “must-have” travel items to make your getaway easier and safer. Plus three travel deals of the week.

‘Must-have’ travel products:

RFID personal stash $9.99 / RFID belt stash $21.95
Makers of these wallets and belts used to store cash and credit and debit cards say they’ll protect you from people out to steal your information. They say the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) blocking technology in these bags protects your information from being scanned and stolen by illegal devices. But do they?

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Travelon sheets $5.95/50 sheets
These micro biodegradable sheets dissolve in water to become hand soap, shampoo, conditioner etc.Bucky 40 Blinks Sleep Mask $16.95
If too much light keeps you from falling asleep, an eye mask might be right for you. The Bucky eye mask’s dome shape blocks out all light and leaves space for you to blink freely without smudging makeup.Cooling Neck Tie $10.95
After being activated with water, the tie can be wrapped around your neck, head or wrist for an instant cool down.Eagle Creek packing cubes (set of 3) $32
Packing Cubes can help you organize and compress your luggage. Pack toiletries in one bag and gym clothes in the other for a clutter-free suitcase.No Jet Lag $14.95
This homeopathic tablet is advertized to help lessen the effects of jet lag. As always, you should consult with a medical professional before taking any medication.PacSafe daypack $109.99
This bag is billed as a bodyguard for your belongings. The Slashguard material is made from stainless steel wires that prevents people from cutting your bag open to get at your possessions. The zippers also have security hooks which prevent anyone but you from opening your pack.

Deals of the Week

Shanghai Plus Tour

Stay six nights in a hotel with most meals included

Dates: Sept. 22- 28 or Oct. 2- 14Depart from Vancouver, Calgary or Edmonton : $798 + $528 taxDepart from Toronto: $1098 + $528 tax

Costa Del Sol, Spain (Longstay)

Longstay for 20 nights in a one bedroom 5-star suite in a 4-star

Dates: Nov. 10 – Dec. 4 or Jan. 1 – Mar. 2Depart from Toronto: $1239 + $490 taxDepart from Calgary or Edmonton: $1369 + $520 taxDepart from Vancouver: $1449 + $500 tax

Panama Canal Cruise

A 14 night cruise from Los Angeles to Miami

Date: Nov. 25- Dec. 9Depart from Vancouver: $1499 + $698 taxDepart from Calgary or Toronto: $1549  + $698 tax

More info at travelbestbets长沙桑拿

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City of Calgary releases design concepts for Crowchild Trail redevelopment

The City of Calgary entered the fourth phase of its ongoing Crowchild Trail study on Thursday, revealing initial design concepts for the proposed redesign of the roadway.

“We’ve developed a set of 17 ideas that Calgarians helped us evaluate against the key principals of our project study last February and March,” Feisal Lakha with the City of Calgary said at a news conference.

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  • City wants Calgarians to weigh in on ways to improve Crowchild Trail

  • How would you change Crowchild Trail? City of Calgary wants to know

  • Change to Crowchild Trail aims to ease congestion

    READ MORE: How would you change Crowchild Trail? City of Calgary wants to know

    The city will be presenting the options at a series of workshops, walking tours and drop-in events.

    Details on the workshop are as follows:

    Workshop #1: Monday, June 13
    Time: 6 to 8:30 p.m.
    Location: West Hillhurst Community Association – 1940 Sixth Ave. N.W.
    RSVP for this workshop

    Workshop #2: Saturday, June 18
    Time: 9:30 a.m. to noon
    Location: Sunalta School – 536 Sonora Ave. S.W.
    RSVP for this workshop

    Workshop #3: Wednesday, June 22
    Time: 6 to 8:30 p.m.
    Location: Red and White Club, McMahon Stadium – 1833 Crowchild Tr. N.W.
    RSVP for this workshop

    The input received will help officials identify a set of recommendations which will be unveiled during Phase 5 of the study.

    The aim of the six-phase study, which began in 2015, is to identify short-, medium-, and long-term plans for Crowchild Trail to accommodate the continued growth of Calgary.

    WATCH: Big changes on Crowchild Trail will cause temporary congestion

    For more information on the study, visit the City of Calgary’s website. 


Ontario NDP, PCs want investigation of erased Pan Am Games hard drives

TORONTO —; Ontario’s opposition parties are asking both the police and the information and privacy commissioner to investigate hard drives from the Pan Am Games that were erased.

Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk said that in her investigation of the Pan Am and Parapan Am Games, she couldn’t obtain many computer hard drives that were disposed of by the organizing committee, including the CEO’s.

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The Games were last summer and as staff left, they “selected what they thought should be kept, they loaded it up on a file server, then they disposed of the hard drives,” Lysyk said.

“So it was individuals’ choices as to what was kept or what wasn’t.”

READ MORE: Toronto Pan Am Games $342M over budget: Ontario auditor general

New Democrat Paul Miller wrote to Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Vince Hawkes, asking police to investigate.

“I am calling on you to move quickly to take all necessary steps to ensure that all the information required for a possible investigation is not destroyed or deleted,” Miller wrote. “The outcome of your investigation could hinge on the ability of investigators to seize information in its complete form.”

Progressive Conservative Steve Clark wants information and privacy commissioner Brian Beamish to investigate whether the actions of the Pan Am committee meets record-keeping and freedom-of-information standards.

Clark said he was “disturbed” to read about the Pan Am hard drives, given that police have alleged that hard drives were wiped in the gas plants scandal.

“This is completely unacceptable behaviour by public officials with responsibility for Games with a budget of more than $2.5 billion,” Clark wrote.

Clark also called on the Liberal government to fire Saad Rafi, who was CEO of the Games and has since been appointed as CEO of the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan Administration Corporation.

Michael Coteau, the minister responsible for the Games, said there was nothing nefarious about the deletions.

“(Lysyk) was very clear that the process was followed according to Achives Ontario,” he said. “In addition to that, she says there’s been no wrongdoing.”

The auditor said there’s no way for her to know if she indeed got all of the information that had been on those hard drives.

READ MORE: Ontario government says Pan Am and Parapan Am Games came within $2.4-billion budget

“I mean, do we suspect that there’s anything that was there that we should have seen that we didn’t? No,” she said. “We don’t have any indication there’s anything improper in this process other than the fact that it wasn’t maintained in the way that, as the auditors, we felt we wanted to see it maintained.”

Lysyk found that the Games in Toronto came in $342 million over budget, but the province still paid more than $5 million in performance bonuses. The government disputes her calculations, saying they came in a bit under budget.


‘Save my friend’: Jury hears chilling details from Salisbury House murder

WINNIPEG —; It was a fatal shot to the back that ended Jeffrey Lau’s life. That testimony came from forensic pathologist, Dr. John Younes in front a 12-member jury Thursday morning.

Lau was killed during a storm of fire inside the Pembina Highway Salisbury House in September 2012. His best friend, who cannot be named due to a publication ban, was also shot twice but survived.

READ MORE: ‘It felt like an eternity’: witness recalls spray of gunshots during Salisbury House murder trial

Devin Hall, 30, has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and attempted murder for the shootings.

The attack lasted just 14 seconds but left a trail of blood and 19 bullet shells in its wake.

Devin Hall


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“Mr. Lau died as a result of multiple gunshot wounds,” said Younes as he took the crown and jurors through his autopsy report.

Younes said Lau suffered five bullet wounds but was likely shot four times (one bullet exited his chest and re-entered his bicep).

The “fatal injury” entered the left side of his back and caused significant damage to multiple vessels and arteries before it came to a rest in his neck. It was the only bullet that did not exit the body.

According to Younes, Lau would not have been alive for more than a few minutes because of massive amount of lost blood he suffered.

READ MORE: Trial for fatal shooting at Winnipeg Salisbury House begins

“(It) would have been measured in minutes,” said Younes. “Anytime between a few minutes and 10-20 minutes.”

The lone waitress on staff during the incident said the gunman walked “with intent, like he was going to do something,” as he entered in through the main doors of the restaurant.

Surveillance video played in court shows a person walk in, their face covered and start shooting.

Police officers found 12 casings inside the restaurant and another 7 outside from gunfire through the windows as the shooter fled.

The waitress testified about the chaotic scene and said she could hear one of the other men inside start screaming.

“Save my friend, Please, save my friend. Somebody just save my friend,” she said the man was shouting.

According to the pathologist’s testimony, the bullet that dealt the fatal blow and killed Lau had a hollow point. Younes said it is known as a ‘black talon’ and is meant to mushroom on impact and cause mass damage.

He testified that in the hundreds of autopsies he has performed, he has never seen this kind of bullet used in Manitoba.


What is forest bathing?

TORONTO – Forest bathing has nothing to do with water — it’s all about immersing oneself in the healing properties of trees and plants.

The nascent practice is based on the idea that a slow, deliberate, meditative walk in the woods can offer a host of mental, emotional and physical benefits.

It’s based on the Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku, which translates to “taking in the forest atmosphere.”

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READ MORE: Birding hobby soars in popularity across North America

The key goal is to alleviate stress for urban dwellers bombarded by deadlines, technology and the hectic pace of living in a concrete jungle.

Advocates are now trying to establish a group of forest bathing guides in Canada, with a training session set for July 23 north of Toronto.

READ MORE: Living off the grid: how one family disconnected for 9 months to reconnect

This is what it’s all about:

WHAT IT IS: Essentially, forest bathing is a slow walk in the woods. With the emphasis on slow, and without the ubiquitous accessories of urban life — no cellphones, tablets or headphones allowed.

HOW IT’S DONE: Take your time, and notice the sights, sounds, smells and forms around you. Try to relax and let the worries of the day go. Trained forest therapy guides offer walks that can last three-and-a-half hours, and include suggested exercises meant to open your mind and help connect with the natural world.

WHERE TO DO IT: You can try it on your own in a local wooded area if you’re adept at breaking from day-to-day stresses. Otherwise you might seek the support of a guide, but the practice is still pretty new to Canada. There are just five certified guides here, according to the Association of Nature & Forest Therapy Guides & Programs, and they are all based in Ontario. But a recent training session included prospective guides in Alberta and British Columbia, so look for the practice to grow out West.

TRAINING FOR A GUIDE: Certified forest bathing guides believe the forest is the therapist, they are merely there to assist. But their training is fairly involved, and pricey, at roughly $4,000 a pop. Training involves a seven-day intensive course to nail down basic safety procedures in addition to the fundamentals of a guiding session. That’s followed by a six-month mentored practicum.

Source: Association of Nature & Forest Therapy Guides & Programs


Ex-Canadian senator’s 27-year-old widow could collect millions in pension

The widow of former Liberal senator Rod Zimmer could collect millions from his pension, according to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF). The former senator died Tuesday at the age of 73.

Maygan Sensenberger, 27, is set to collect a survivor’s pension of $19,700 a year for the rest of her life, the federation calculated.

And assuming she lives until the age of 90, she would collect $2.4 million in survivor benefits, accounting for a cost of living adjustment of two per cent each year, the CTF said.

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READ MORE: Ex-senator Rod Zimmer, who made headlines in controversies, dead at 73

“It just shows how generous the pension plans for senators and MPs are,” said CTF research director Jeff Bowes. “These plans are far more generous than what Canadians can expect and I think this is a controversial example that demonstrates that.”

Zimmer was known as an athlete, fundraiser, corporate executive and a senator from Manitoba. But it was his marriage in 2011 to Sensenberger, then a 22-year-old aspiring actress, that made him a target for gossip around Parliament Hill.

In 2012, the couple were involved in a dispute on a Saskatoon flight and Sensenberger pleaded guilty to causing a disturbance on an aircraft and received a suspended sentence with probation.

In 2013, Zimmer, who was appointed in 2005 by former prime minister Paul Martin, resigned due to health concerns.

READ MORE: Critical audit outlines systemic issues in senators’ expense claims

More recently, Sensenberger was charged  in 2015 after two people at an Ottawa medical clinic were attacked with a lit cigarette and a hand-held fan, according to the Ottawa Citizen. During the arrest at her Ottawa home she was accused of assaulting and threatening three police officers while holding kitchen knives.

Global News attempted to reach Sensenberger but was unsuccessful.

The former senator was among nine senators, two sitting and seven retired, who were named in a 2015 Senate spending report by auditor general Michael Ferguson. The report indicated he owed $176,000 in improperly claimed expenses – due to the fact he claimed Winnipeg as his primary residence, but spent the vast majority of his time in Ottawa.

“We are concerned about the $176,000 that the auditor general indicated the senator owed because of improper claims,” said Bowes. “What this highlights is the unaccountability of the Senate. The archaic, unelected nature of the  Senate clearly doesn’t encourage good behaviour.”

*With files from the Canadian Press