3 teens arrested for erratic driving, failing to stop for police

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Three teens are now in custody after a number of bizarre incidents in Surrey.

Surrey RCMP first heard about these teens on June 8 at 6 p.m. when they received a call from a motorist describing a road rage incident on 128 Street near 66 Avenue.

This motorist said a grey Toyota Camry had cut them off and words were exchanged between them and the teens in the car. That is when they saw what appeared to be a firearm.

They recorded the licence plate and the car was last seen going northbound on 128 Street. The car was discovered to be a rental.


A short time later, a marked police car was heading northbound on 130 Street, near 77 Avenue, when the officer saw the Camry pass them. The officer put on their lights and sirens and made a U-turn to follow the vehicle.

As the police car was making the turn, the Camry drove into the oncoming northbound lane, forcing the traffic to swerve out of the way. The car sped off, failing to stop for a number of red lights and the police officer lost sight of them.

On June 9, at 7:40 p.m., the same grey Toyota Camry passed a marked Surrey RCMP car in the Whalley area of Surrey. The officer did not initially realize it was the same vehicle from the day before but it appears after the teen saw the police car, they began driving in an erratic manner, driving into oncoming traffic, failing to stop for red lights and driving at a high rate of speed.

The police officer did not follow them, fearing for the safety of the public but the Lower Mainland helicopter was in the area and spotted the vehicle.

Eventually the teens got to Guildford Mall and pulled into the underground parking.

A number of police vehicles arrived at the mall and found the three teens had fled from the car on foot.

Members of the Surrey R.C.M.P. Gang Enforcement Unit, members of the Lower Mainland Emergency Response Unit, and the Lower Mainland Integrated Police Dog services were all on scene and began searching for the three people.

The police dog tracked them down and the three were taken into custody.

The Camry has been seized.

Surrey RCMP is asking that anyone who may have observed either incident to call the Surrey RCMP at 604-599-0502 or to call Crime Stoppers.

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